Monday, September 28, 2009

Veggie in San Francisco

So I have been in San Francisco for just over a week now and I have been very well catered for veggie wise. Two highlights:

  1. Underdog. A hot dog store on Irving and 16th Ave, along with their selection of "normal" meat hot dogs they have a Veggie and Vegan selection. Photo to the right.
  2. Pizzaiolo in Oakland (5008 Telegraph Ave, just off 52nd St), while they do not have Vegan food on the menu (and their veggie selection is very small) they had heard of vegan and were able to prepare a varient on one of their dishes that contained no cheese or meat, very good. There is no sign so you need the address, they have a patio too.
For those who know how adventerous I am not I have had Japanese tea in the Japanese tea garden in the Golden Gate Park. Green Tea with brown rice mixed in. No I didn't finish it, but I drank most of it (it got cold towards the end).

Well goto go, Mexican tonight with some of my brothers friends, fingers crossed.


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Tim said...

We'll see if Vancouver can do even better!