Monday, September 07, 2009

AA gold status

I currently have gold status on American Airlines (AA) air miles program. I have not flown yet this year, so I had resigned myself to loosing this status. For those who don't know gold status gives you a bonus on the number of miles you earn per mile flown. It is either 25%, or 50%. You get priority boarding and checkin, you can request an upgrade in advance, and that is about it. It might not seem much, but it really makes things go much more smoothly.

So last week I got an email telling me that AA were launching a double elite qualifying points system. This means that for a few months this year if you fly 10k miles then it will be counted as 20k miles for gaining status. You need 25k for gold status. So I went off excited thinking my trip to San Francisco would help me, in one go, get gold status. But it wont. I'll be about 1,000 miles away :(

So I need an extra 1,000 miles to get gold status again. So a return flight to LAX will do it (337 miles each way with double qualifying points). I'm not fussed about visiting LAX, so anywhere up or down the Pacific will do. Looking at the options.


P.S. Just saw a trailer for a new series of Merlin. WooHoo!!! I just hope it doesn't start while I am on holiday, or if it does that iPlayer has it series linked. I just wish Nimueh was not killed in the last series :(


Andrew F said...

Be careful. They are double elite-qualifying MILES, not points. On AA, this is important, as they make a distinction between the two. Getting to 25k on either gets you Gold.

Andrew F said...

Btw, you might like and if you haven't seen them. similar for hotels.