Sunday, November 30, 2008

Minor blog redesign

While ITV was providing me with such classic lines as: "you rebel scum", "your overconfidence is your weakness" and "your faith in your friends is yours" I was playing around with the look of my blog.

I last changed the blog in May when I reformatted to a wider format. I never liked 800 pixels wide blogs and I finally found a justification to widen it. This time it is to move the sidebar content out of the main blog post listing. I never really liked it being stuck on the inside, so I have moved it outside.

My only outstanding problem with this is that the centre line should go down the middle of the text, but it is offset somewhat as the center line takes into account the sidebar content. This is not noticable if you only have 1024 pixels of width, but I think most people have more these days. The only fix I have so far centres it well for wider screens, but at the expense of 1024 pixel wide screens.


P.S. "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and fully operational battle station", the inner geek in me loves these lines.

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