Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too many gadgets

Next week I am off to San Francisco to visit my brother and my sister-in-law. I am really looking forward to getting there, but the pre-visit preparation is not so good. I do not think of myself as having loads of gadgets, but I am going to be taking the following:

  1. My MacBook Pro
  2. A Canon Digital Camera
  3. Nintendo DS
  4. Sony PSP
  5. Apple iPod
Of course if I had to I could just take the camera and the PSP, but last time I went on holiday I took 3Gb of photos and that was after I deleted a ton from the camera. If I take my MacBook Pro I can edit the photos while I am there. Plus when I got my MacBook Pro I got the airline adapter and I want to try it out.

I need my iPod as my music is all on that. I got a DS for Christmas and I want to play Zelda on the plane. So I could leave my PSP at home, but on a plane it is much easier to watch movies on the PSP rather than on my MacBook Pro (the seat pitch is too low).

Oh, and then I'll be taking books for the plane.

All in all it makes me very glad that I can take two bags on the plane with me again.



Anonymous said...

If you take all of those with you, where are you going to put all of the gadgets you buy whilst you are over there?!

Alasdair Nottingham said...

That would be a good comment, except I do not plan to buy any gadgets while I am out there.

Note the word "plan" there :)