Monday, December 08, 2008

Leaving Carphone Warehouse

I now have a Jesus Phone. I have had a phone on O2 for years, but I was billed via Carphone Warehouse. I was fed up with them. It took me years to get them to accept that I had moved, they neglected to sell me a 3G sim card when I bought a 3G phone, and finally because they were unable to update the address they had for me on record they could not sell me a Jesus Phone. They even told me the problem was that my bank did not have my address down correctly. The bank that sends me stuff monthly (unlike Carphone Warehouse).

So on Friday I phoned up to ask for my P.A.C. I was put through to someone who claimed to be from O2 Direct who sold me an iPhone and sorted out so I would no longer be billed by Carphone Warehouse. Woo Hoo!!!

Except. Over the weekend it turned out the PAC O2 had been given had expired, the trouble was O2 (or was it carphone warehouse) generated the PAC and never gave it to me. I then discovered that the guy from "O2 Direct" worked for carphone warehouse. So I started phoning. First I called Carphone Warehouse, who gave me a new PAC. Then I phoned O2, only to discover that the details Carphone Warehouse gave me for the new phone were incorrect, O2 had never heard of them. At one point O2 told me that my iPhone was setup for my new phone number, and then I found out it wasn't. Argh. Argh. Argh.

So finally after speaking to 7 people my number is going to be ported to the iPhone on Thursday 11th. I sooooo hope this time it is sorted, because if not I have to learn a whole new phone number, and tell a whole load of people my number has changed.


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Tim said...

How frustrating. I hate things like that! And don't think it is any better outside of the UK.The stories I've heard over here from friends are just as bad. Anything from airline tickets to broadband to telling a company you're moving house. It always feels like you're the first person to ever ask for the basic thing you're requesting. Oh well, I hope its now sorted. And you have an iphone! They are REALLY expensive over here as there's only one company that can sell them. Not because they've signed an exclusive agreement with Apple, but because they're the only company using GSM in western Canada. Everyone else uses CDMA which I'm reliably informed is inferior is virtually very possible way.