Monday, July 21, 2008

Humane Meat, hmm

So I've been a little lax. I haven't been reading my comments, in my defense I don't get a huge number. This time it was from my friend Tim who recently emigrated to Canada.

In response to my decision to cease eating meat he asked "How about meat that is reared 'ethically' or humanely etc?". As I said before I stopped eating fish a long time ago and I am often asked this exact question. Recently someone said "you've got it all wrong, you should eat farmed, or line caught fish", now what he meant by this was "I like fish, I accept that fishing is ecologically bad, so I'll only eat farmed or line caught fish". This is fine (well I object to the idea that farmed fish is ecologically bad, but I'll leave that for the moment), it is his decision. My decision is that not eating fish is the correct and best solution.

So I have extended my views on fish to cover all animals. Yes, if you have to eat meat it is better not to buy the Tesco £2 chickens, and opt for organic, humanly killed 'ethically' reared meat, this is better because the chicken will taste better and almost certainly be better for you. The chicken probably had a better life too, but for me I would prefer not to end its life so I can consume it.

The decision as to whether or not to be vegetarian, vegan is a personal one and I have no interest in forcing other people to adopt my view, if people want to that is fine, if they don't that is also fine.


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