Monday, September 03, 2007

JMS Problem Determination Redpaper

As the security architect for the service integration bus (part of WebSphere Application Server) I am very concious of how difficult it can be to diagnose security problems (this is also true for many areas of messaging), especially given that security is typically an area where less information is given rather than more.

Over the last few months I and twelve of my collegues have been involved in writing an redpaper titled "WebSphere Application Server V6.1: JMS Problem Determination". I contributed chapter 17th titled "Default messaging provider security".

I feel obliged to comment on the outstanding work performed by Richard Coppen who was responsible for co-ordinating the work and ensuring the rest of us delivered on schedule. Believe me anyone who can get me to deliver a completed piece of written work has achieved an amazing feat.

Well if anyone who reads this uses JMS then this is well worth a read. I know I will be pointing people to this when they have problems in the future.


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