Monday, August 13, 2007

Hard Drive Crash

The hard drive on my trusty T41p died on me last week. As a result my thinkpad (or FrankenPad as I have taken to calling it) is in for a new hard drive and repairs.

Fortunately for me the hard drive isn't total toast, but Windows wont load on it anymore, so I can get my data back, but need a replacement for future work. This is good because it is a while since I did a backup (fool that I am).

In the meantime I am struggling on using a desktop installed with linux that I use as a test machine. I am not as productive using this system as I am with my T41p (sorry I find windows a much better OS for development than linux), one of the reasons for this is I am missing all my data, including bookmarks and my password safe. As a result I have started to realize why things like are such a good idea. All my firefox bookmarks are lost to me until I get FrankenPad back, but if I had used an online bookmarking tool I would have them. I have seen the light, and I think I will start to use more of these useful online tools in the future.

The one downside is if the company providing the social bookmarking service decides to pull the plug, like google just did for google video.


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