Friday, August 17, 2007

Franken'pad and limited user accounts

I got Franken'pad back today, so I have started the long process of getting all the applications I need and use installed on the system. On this occasion I thought I would try to use a limited user account for my primary userid. This lasted a total of 10 minutes.

This is not going well. The first problem I had was that Firefox wouldn't start. I got round that by ensuring that my user had full access to all the files in \Documents and Settings\. Now when I log into windows I find I cannot get the menu to use the classic style (or to store any of the information in the left column when using the XP style). Also the quick launch bar looks odd.

I have not yet solved this, but I will keep plodding on. I am sure I am not doing this the best way, but I hope that once I have finished this I will be a little more safe.


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