Sunday, July 01, 2007

IT and Religion

As someone who is based in the UK, but is an avid Apple watcher I have been reading with much interest as much as I can about the now released iPhone. One topic of conversation on engadget has been the lack of Windows 64-bit support. The comments on the topic are very interesting. Not because they offer any useful or interesting insights into the lack of 64-bit, but because of the dynamics between the posts.

The posts can be split into two parts:

  1. Pro Apple
  2. Anti Apple
It has always interested me that people get very passionate about gadgets, software and the companies behind them. They almost get religious in the interactions. You just need to look at the linux vs window debate for an example.

I get caught up in it myself. I never considered getting any MP3 player other than the iPod. This must be great for the companies involved, but it often blinds us to the relative problems with the gadget in question.


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