Monday, May 28, 2007

WebSphere Certification

Well after my rant about the police yesterday I thought I should talk about something completely different.

Last week I took an passed certification for WebSphere Application Server. So I can now use:

IBM Certified System Administrator: WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.1

in my CV, email footer and other places. As a developer on WebSphere Application Server I did not have to take it but I was

a) bored
b) interested in what it was like

What I realized is that despite working on the product for six years I still know only a small fraction of all there is to know. I have no idea about the Edge components, the best ways to link Web servers with the application server, silent install or performance tuning.

That said according to the test I know everything there is to know about security (somehow I doubt that :) ).



ukulkarn said...

Hi Alasdair,

Well Done...Congrats..

I am also preparing the websphere network deployment certification.

Could you please suggest me if any guidelines/books available for preparation websphere admin examination?

If possible, Please send me some sample questions so I will get idea about exam?

Thanks in Advanced.

Anonymous said...

I am also preparing the websphere network deployment certification.

Suggest me any book. By the way, any questions from dumps.


Thanks in advance

Alasdair Nottingham said...


I have just spotted these two comments. I did not read any books, given that I am develop the product I took the exam with no prepreation, so I cannot help there.

Also I had to agree not to disclose information on the test content before I took it, so I cannot dislose any questions or provide similar ones.