Saturday, April 21, 2007

My new Camera

I recently decided that I was not going to buy replacement gadgets unless the my previous one had died. So no flat screen LCD or Plasma TV screen until my TV dies. I have failed.

My current camera is an old 3 mega-pixel Canon digital ixus. It is a great little camera, but my phone has 3 mega-pixels now. Before going on holiday to Hawaii I decided to get a more modern one with more mega-pixals.

In the end I went for another Canon. The PowerShot A710IS. I has 7.1 mega-pixels (more than I need for a 6x4 print) and a 6 times optical zoom. It also have image stabilization, which is good for me as all too often when I take photos my hands shake. I am very pleased with the results (although I all too quickly filled a 2Gb SD card).


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