Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The next great programming language


I am a Java developer and naturally I think Java is great. It is the most recent in a long line of great programming languages. This lineage includes:

  • Java
  • C++
  • C
This is I know a controversial statement, and if people were to read this I can imagine a flame war in comments.

In any case, for a while now I've been thinking that Java is getting a little tired. There have been loads of new ideas being developed in programming languages and I do not think grafting them onto Java is working. The recent updates in Java 5 have not improved things because backward compatibility had to be maintained. I also fail to understand why a new key word was invented for enums, but the foreach loop didn't have a new keyword.

Anyway (brief rant over), I think it is time for a new programming language. There are several things I want from a new language, so I'm planning on blogging my thoughts. I'm hoping that either:
  1. Someone will read this and say "hey I know exactly the language you need" and it is ...
  2. Someone will read this and say "hey that is a really good feature, I'll add it to the language x I'm coming up with".

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